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Saturday, March 22, 2003
I'm sick. Thanks, Jeff.
Certain people should stop giving out my full name on their webpages. That's all I have to say.

Thursday, March 20, 2003
Jeff has a Mac, and I hate Macs cause I'm not familiar with how they are used. Collin also had a Mac, but it was so much older, this is one of those iMac fuckers.
You know what he's doing right now? Getting me a sandwich. Me = Smitten Kitten.
We tried to watch Dogma last night, but didn't get through to the end. Probly cause we started so late.
I dunno, I guess I'll write my paper. Till my boyfriend gets back with my sandwich. Mmmm...

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
Ok so he (Jeff) reads the last post and decides it'd be funny to call me. Jeff lives in Tarr, which is about ten steps from my building. Plus we were already talking online at the time. What a dork. What an adorable dork. :-)
Today's field trip was to a quarry. We found some chunks of pyrite in this river and I brought some home to clean up and give to people. Definitely one will be for Maria. I miss that girl. Spring break is going to be one long sister fest complete with lots of medi salads. *drool*
Oh yeah, and I cut my hair again. That whole shindig. Kelz, call me next thursday or something, I'll be in town. Okay. I'm going to watch Drew Carey and make some medi pasta until Jeff comes home.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
I dunno...call me.

Monday, March 17, 2003
So I watched One Hour Photo, which you REALLY shouldn't watch alone...I was safe in the arms of a friend and it still hurt to watch. Robin Williams is a truly wonderful actor. I think maybe I freaked out Jeff...those who have never watched intense movies with me are always somewhat alarmed. I don't hold anything back.
Last night was...a journey. I've certainly changed from high school, you won't know me anymore. There are few who will. But I'm happy. Doesn't hurt that it's like 70 degrees out, but to be honest I think I could be happy in a typhoon today. This is really good.
And for the first time since November of 2001, I don't want to do bad stuff. You know what I mean. I've never not desired it, until now.

Sunday, March 16, 2003
Alright, so Friday my geology class went to Maquoketa Caves for a field trip. The "caves" I'm discussing here are young enough to be little more than holes in the rock. You had to be really adventurous to go in. There was this one where we had to crawl on our bellies through pitch blackness for about 50 feet before reaching a cavern large enough for about three people to sit up in. Now, those who know me will know that I am fairly impulsive and somewhat reckless, so of course I went on in, right after the guy with the video camera. (Yes, this is on film. No, you can't see it.) I get into the cavern and the guys say "I like this girl, she's getting into this!" Because of course the other girls are sitting on their coats so their designer jeans won't get wet and adjusting their hair. At times like these, being called "girl" is an insult. Don't call me a girl when I'm acting just like you.
Friday night I got drunk in Tom and Geoff's room, which was cool. Geoff offered me a quarter to make out with this other guy, Jeff. Ordinarily I wouldn't do that sort of thing, but Jeff was hot and seemed okay with it. I definitely earned my quarter. Saturday was Erinn's birthday lunch, and I used my winnings to buy a cute silver ring with a pink stone. Erinn's little sister is really cool. Which is probably where Erinn gets it. :-p Love you Er. The day ended with me and Jeff watching Almost Famous and this absolutely hilarious movie about a rhinocerous and Robin Williams getting all crazy. It was actually a lot better than what I'm describing, but...just go watch it.
And for those who knew me through the Wayne thing:
HelKat14: he really loved her
HelKat14: (caitlin)
HelKat14: i mean i knew that
HelKat14: but i just recently...felt it
HelKat14: he had told me once, of a song that reminded him of her
HelKat14: so i was playing it
HelKat14: and i guess i let myself understand
Ithiophilis: so you look at him differently now?
HelKat14: yeah
HelKat14: because even though how he treated me sucked...
HelKat14: i love him.
HelKat14: the way i love people who i understand
HelKat14: you know?
Ithiophilis: ...
HelKat14: because when you really know someone...
HelKat14: how can you not love them?
HelKat14: when you can feel what hurts them most deeply.
HelKat14: and what they love most
Ithiophilis: so he's...
HelKat14: forgiven
Ithiophilis: ahhhh
Ithiophilis: well that's good
Ithiophilis: it's not productive to carry hatred in your heart
Ithiophilis: I hope now you can bring yourself to try to understand a bit before you reach that level
HelKat14: yeah
HelKat14: i hope i'm stronger for this
HelKat14: certainly i'm smarter
Ithiophilis: aye
Ithiophilis: I'm glad you've made this journey
HelKat14: you know what?
HelKat14: so am i.


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