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Saturday, March 15, 2003
The all time sexy list currently contains Orlando Bloom and Ewan McGregor. The following people have two votes: Ed Norton, Justin Timberlake, and yummy Elijah Wood. Mekhai Pfeifer (do NOT hold that spelling against me), Mel Gibson, Avril Lavigne, and Carrie-Anne Moss have one vote each. Remember it takes three votes to get a name added to the list, so cast your vote today. So far NO REAL PEOPLE have received votes, remember that if you think they are sexy enough you are welcome to vote for your friends or whoever. But if you vote for yourself you'll be disqualified. So sorry.

Friday, March 14, 2003
You know what's really hard? When someone who's affected you deeply bitches you out for being affected by them. I kind of just want to go cry. Or maybe get drunk.

I love: Kate for sharing Elijah, Jordan for the awesome massage, Geoff for the boxes and drinks, Adam for teaching me that ridiculous angel thing, the other Adam for being my newspaper, Cor for making me maid of honor, Megan and Erinn for sharing their space and putting up with my nonsense, Tom for not polishing me off, Bob for teaching me that silly game, Justn for calling me first, JBC and KDX for being my sisters, not to mention pirho, Mar, Roxy, TaSheena, Monica, Steve, and Mark for helping me get dressed, whoever sent these darn flowers, Jason because even though we never talk anymore his voice is still awesome, The Cheat because he's cute, Emilie for being the bestest mommy ever, Alex for inspiration, Isaac for ass-slapping, my other AXE brothers, and Canada cause that place is fucking awesome.
Plus I love you. Which may be redundant, but whatever.


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