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Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE can you EVER tell a girl she is fat.
Guys, pay attention.
If you tell a girl she is fat, you are telling her she is ugly. Society teaches us (women) that to be successful, attractive, loved, we have to be Thin And Pretty. If you tell us we're fat, you are telling us we can't be loved.
READ AND STUDY THIS TRANSLATION KEY. Make sure your phrases mean to us what they mean to you.
"You're not fat" means "You're fat."
"You're just the right size" means "You're fat, but I'm trying to be diplomatic"
"What size are you, medium?" means "You're not extra-small. Gross."
"Girls are supposed to have rounded bellies." means "You have a rounded belly. And that's fat."
"Let's work out together." means "You need to lose weight."
"Wow, you ate it all!" means "Fatty."
"You're really thin."means "You look great."

I am not lying. This is how we look at these things. We're not obsessed with our weight or anorexic, we just think we have to be thin to make you happy. If you are a guy, tell a girl she is beautiful today. We all need to hear a lot more of that.

Sunday, February 16, 2003
I just made the most awesome connection with a squirrel. I was standing looking up at this tree, and this squirrel made eye contact with me. I whispered "I wont hurt you" and he crawled down the tree and sat at my feet. We stared at each other for awhile, then he turned and ran back up the tree and I walked on. It was weird. And cool.

I will discover morality for myself and live by what I find.
I will not have decisions about right and wrong pushed on me by others.
I will live in tolerance and respect of the ideas of those around me.
I will not expect others to conform to my ideals any more than I will conform to theirs.
I will explore the motivations behind the decisions and actions of others.
I will not judge without understanding.
I will do right by myself and my loved ones.
I will not knowingly do wrong.
I will find peace.
I will give it to you.


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