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Wednesday, January 08, 2003
ERRRGH! I forgot how much I hate this stupid language! "Ooh, Juanito queria tener perro!" "Ooh, hay gato en my lavaplatos!" "Ooh, me gusta ir al fuckin' cine!" Quien le daria un shit!
I miss Latin. And this is going to sound strange. But there was a cameraderie in Latin that I've never found in a class before. A sort of fellowship of suckage, if you will. The twelve of us (that's right, twelve) knew that we didnt have a snowman's chance in hell of speaking the language, and that sort of united us. That class wasn't divided into scholars and slackers, those who get it and those who never will. None of us got it. And so we rejoiced in each other's rare triumphs and lightly mocked each other's frequent failures. Mostly we had fun. And because we knew we sucked and we knew no one was any better, we didn't hesitate to be outrageous. We threw ourselves into pronunciations, we chanted the third declension nouns together before each test ("mother, father, brother, prince, king, dog, ship!"), we tried to do things we hadn't yet learned because we knew we couldn't embarrass ourselves. And now I sit in my spanish class, watching the chasm between those who get it and those who don't grow wide, everyone silent because they dont want to embarass themselves by not knowing the answer or shame someone else by correcting them.
Oh while I'm at it, apparently some people have been laboring under the delusion that I am good at Spanish. This is a gross falsehood. I am no good whatsoever at Spanish. Does anyone remember how to conjugate irregular preterite?


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