Kat Scratching

My irresistible Kat-ness.
Thursday, December 12, 2002
Shadow had descended upon the lives of the Few, and their minds were
clouded with fear, anger, and shame. But the One took up the sabre
in the hour of darkness and fought valiantly against the demons that
raged throughout the land. Doomed to fall in the final battle, the
One was carried home and placed at the feet of the Few. The smallest
of these knelt at his side and took his hands, giving him strength.
They belonged together, not as husband and wife, brother and sister,
or any other analogous relationship, but rather as the right and left
hand of the same body. They fit together naturally and easily,
intuitively, and they never had to speak of it or try to define it.
It simply was.
Typical day in the life of me:

8:00 My alarm goes off. I roll over, whack it until it stops, and go back to sleep.
8:30 Kali gets up. The rattling of her loft bed wakes me. I grunt and go back to sleep.
8:40 I wake up, decide it only really takes 15 minutes to walk to class, and go back to sleep.
8:45 I wake up, groan, and sit up.
8:46 I make the leap from sitting on my bed to the bare patch of floor five feet down and four feet across. I land on all fours. Kali looks up from her computer and says, "you really need another way of getting down!" I mumble something.
8:55 I leave for class. My backpack contains one book, one notebook, one pencil, my MP3 player, a big stack of christmas cards, $2, and a novel.
9:05 I arrive in class, late. No one cares.
9:06 I become frustrated with my professor for not respecting my fairly decent vocabulary, and for calling me "Kate."
11:00 I share with Jeff, over break, the story of my weekend. Jeff also tells a story, but I don't remember it because I am too tired.
11:30 I help the rest of the class badger the professor to dismiss us early.
11: 50 We are dismissed early. I sprint for the Commons, hoping to make it to lunch.
12:05 I slap together a ham sandwich and stuff it in a pepsi cup.
12:10 I eat my sandwich, drink water, and watch a DVD. Then I try on my belt to see if my diet is working or not.
2:30 I think about doing my homework.
2:35 I decide to take a nap instead.
3:30 Kali barges in, waking me abrubtly. I make distressed noises until she turns on music.
5:00 I wake up for real. Kali is in the middle of a movie.
5:30 I run over to Sodexho and pick up spaghetti for me and a sandwich for Kali. Both of these, along with a piece of cake, go into pepsi cups
6:00 We watch Friends and eat dinner
7:00 I go to "work." I clock in and proceed to go downstairs to the computers and mock Alex for hours, while simultaneously copying CD's onto minidisks for my MP3 player.
12:00 I go home and have a midnight snack if one is available.
1:00 Kali and I talk about boys and why they suck. (I love boys they're stupid.)
2:00 Kali goes to sleep. I read Ender's Game.
3:00 I go to sleep.

See??? Theres nothing to do on this stupid campus!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002
She watched them, straightfaced, as they passed back and forth, gossipping, laughing, and whispering spiteful things about each other behind closed doors. She seemed to ignore the parade of ludicrity and they never knew that in her silence she plotted their downfall. She, the silent one, the observer, held the cards that could trump them all. She knew each of their weaknesses as well as her own, and she knew exactly how to turn them to her own advantage. She knew she would, in all likelihood, remain silent, but it was exhilarating to realize she had such power.


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