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Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Found this fun and exciting little survey in another blog i was reading. OH btw-I got my best friend back. Go me.

+Name Given @ Birth: Kathleen
+Name Given By Friends: Kat
+Name Of HomeTown: Bloomington, or else Mt. Vernon
+Name Of Current Location: Cole Library computer lab
+Number Of Years you have lived: 18

+Scent: My special pasta
+Person: What, I have to pick just one?
+Person (famous): Ewan McGregor
+Person To Be With: Cori
+Vocalist (male): Ewan McGregor
+Vocalist (female): Reuben Kinkaid
+Type Of Music: Whatever catches my fancy
+Type Of Art: Classifying art stifles it
+Book: Speaker for the Dead
+Author: The guy that wrote the book...
+Music Video: the one at the end of the Spiderman movie
+Online Friend: Alexander
+Emotion/Feeling: love (romantic, platonic, compassionate...)
+Word: Poff. I made it up.

+Best (female): Cori
+Best (Male): Alex/Justin
+Best Friend Online: Alex
+Happiest: Justin cause he is always so positive
+saddest: Who could be sad if they have me for a friend?? hehehe.
+Moodiest: Um, can I say me?? *Grin*
+Bitchiest: I have seen Cor really go off on some people but she isnt very confrontational
+Slut: Oh DEFINITELY Justin. :-p
+Poser: Wayne! Oh wait-he's not my friend...
+Honest: Justin?
+Rudest: Alex cause he called me a slut!
+nicest: Now, why would they be my friends if they were not nice?
+Listens When U Need To Vent: Alex
+Looks Like A Celeberity: Justin looks EXACTLY like Bruce Willis.
+Most Trustworthy: All of yall are trust worthy.
+Best Taste In Music: Actually I'm going to have to say Wayne. its the only good thing about him.
+Worst Taste In Music: Justin...if i have to hear that Austin song one more time...
+You Find Yourself Attracted To: Julie
+Treats You The Best: Cor/Alex
+You Would Do Anything For: all of you
+Best Couple: Alex & Charity
+Worst Couple: Cori & Elliott. What was that about.
+Who Aren't Together But Should Be: I have been asked not to speak on this issue! But you all know what I'm thinking anyway!
+Means The World To You: ALL OF YOU!

..::SIGNIFIGANT OTHER::..(bf's/gf's/crushes)
+Do You Have A Bf/Gf/Crush: No, but this is a good opportunity to bash my ex.
+Who: Wayne
+How Long Have You Liked/Been With Them: We were together for almost two months
+Where Did You Meet: He used to be Missy's friend before it turned out he sucks.
+Give 1 Word That Best Describe Them: Bastard
+What About Them Makes No One Capable Of Comparison: He may be the only person on the planet who would pursue a long distance relationship just so he could get laid.

+How Many People Have You been with: one
+When Was The Last Time first block break
+If U Could Have Sex With Anyone Who Would It Be: Sponge Bob Square Pants
+What Do Think Of Handcuffs: they hurt. silk ties are better
+Fetishes: which ones?
+Who Turns You On: naked Jake (ask alex)
+What Band Is Best Played During Sex: no particular band, just something with a slow powerful bass beat.
+Where Do You Want To Have Sex: on the beach...just the drink

..::THIS or THAT::..
+Kittens//Puppies: Puppies
+Metal//Punk: punk
+PVC//Leather: Leather.
+Nose//Septum Piercing: neither
+Love//Lust: Love
+Tattoos/Brandings: tattoos

+Hurt: bad
+Love: you
+Fuck: me :-p
+Whore: wayne
+Trust: just
+Pretty: princess
+God: pee in the snow (ask charity)
+Hate: wayne
+Sick: of wayne
+Sexy: not wayne!
+Want: real food
+Need: to lose 10 lbs
+Fake: breasted sluts
+Pure: my name (means pure)
+Lunchbox: snoopy


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