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My irresistible Kat-ness.
Saturday, November 09, 2002
And now, if that wasn't enough, I' ve lost my best friend. In the same week. Maybe God does have a sense of humor. Or maybe it's a challenge. "Think you're strong, do you? Let's see how you tackle this one!"

Wednesday, November 06, 2002
I learned something about myself this past week.
I am stronger than I look.
Most of us endure the scorn and anger of our parents, and many of us have been abused by loved ones. Everyone's been lied to, and nearly everyone's been through a bad breakup. And I'm sure everyone's had to help friends through hard times.
And maybe you've even had to do all that in one week. Maybe that's not anything special. But it takes a strength I didn't know I had.
I don't cry anymore.
I don't hug anymore.
And Justin-it is NOT the same.


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