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Saturday, August 31, 2002
Went to do service at the Bus Barn today. We all thought we'd be washing the busses but we ended up mostly painting lines on the parking lot. I got COVERED in yellow paint. Right now I'm trying to reach Cor and Justin since they moved in today. Also I'm kinda hoping someone will call...not saying who...;-) And in between all that I'm watching Moulin Rouge in Lauren's room. But I'm sick, so all I really wanna do is lay in my bed. By the way, I named my fish Agent Tejota; TJ for short.

Friday, August 30, 2002
Quite the little adventure tonight-Kali, Theresa and I decided it would be fun to drive into Cedar Rapids and buy some fish. Well, we got our fish, but we also got lost! It took about an hour to find the interstate. Then the car broke down. *Sigh*.
Earlier today, I had Kali cut my hair. It's so cute now. Hey-any ideas on what I should name my new fish??
I arrived here in Mt. Vernon about two days ago, and this is the first time I've been sitting still long enough to post a journal entry.
Alex compares college life to a painting of melty clocks (Dali, I think...) and I'm starting to see what he means. Nothing in this environment even remotely resembles the life I knew. The only reason I have time to post now is because I'm skipping lunch with my peer group. I had to go to tech suppor for about the eighth time-I just could NOT get my ResNet working. Well, it works now, so I can leave off using Kali's computer. (My roomie.)
Hey everyone-CALL ME!!!!! 319-895-5724. My phone works! But don't leave a message, because none of us on the floor have figured out voice mail yet, so I won't hear it for about a week. If you want, call my cell phone. I can get messages from that.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002
That was hard.
Cori and Justin were over this evening to say goodbye. I am not great at saying goodbye. Actually, I suck at it. I didn't start crying until right before they left...i'm kinda proud of myself. Anyway, I'll see them again on Sibling Weekend, which is October 19-21. That seems like an impossibly long time. I feel really lost right now.
I don't think I'm going to get any real sleep tonight. I was thinking of going downstairs and watching romantic comedies until I pass out.
Tomorrow I'll be visiting U-High one last time...*sigh* I am not ready for this.

Monday, August 26, 2002
Today: Unpacked everything, with dubious assistance from father. Repacked only the "necessities:" apparently i have "enough clothes to outfit the Taliban." Why would they want my clothes??
Tomorrow: Spending the day with Cor and Justin. Saying goodbye to friends, family, and town. Packing last minute things such as toothbrush and mini fan.
Tuesday: Driving to Iowa with father and sister.
Tonight: Agitated.

Sunday, August 25, 2002
Ah, summer.
Is over.
I've been packing and repacking for the last few weeks, as well as creating gifts for friends. I leave for Cornell College (Iowa-not-New-York) on Tuesday. Like, in three days. *Sigh* where have the years gone?
Despite my calm, casual exterior (yes, that was sarcasm) I am nervous. I have no idea what, or who, is in store for me. If college changes me as much as high school did, and I have reason to believe it will, then I am losing not only the life I know, but the person I am. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Also, what if no one likes me? Waaaaah!
If you want to see me before I leave town, call my cell. Otherwise I will see you at our class reunion in 25 years.
Not sure how I feel about that either.


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