Kat Scratching

My irresistible Kat-ness.
Thursday, January 24, 2002

Kat Scratch has been brought back to life! Did you miss me? Probably not. Well, I'm back anyway so deal with it.

My thoughts today: Life isn't good, or bad. Life isn't anything. Life is nothing! It's just an abstract concept we made up to explain our existence. My life is no better or worse than anyone else's because life has no meaning by itself. What is the meaning of life? There isn't one. There are only people, and what they do with the time they have. The only significance you can attach to a term like "my life" is "the time during which I am alive." So basically, life is time. My time. What is my time? I don't own time. Time is a community thing, and therefore so is life. There is no "my life." Life is everyone's. The fact that I am here impacts you as well as me. It's not mine. All our efforts and all our existence come together to form life. You owe happiness to the world.


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