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Thursday, December 20, 2001
Sma is a very cool person.

Just wanted to say that.

Last night I bought MS Publisher for my home computer, and I've been tinkering with it. I'm making a collection called "Do You Believe In Magic?" and I'm going to ask y'all for submissions...then I'm going to print copies for everyone and give them out when I graduate so we'll never forget each other. *sniff sniff* I am getting sappy just thinking about it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Blogger's been down, so I've got some catching up to do here.

Monday put a rest to all doubt of a psychic link of some sort between Justin and I. Well not really. But it was odd. We wore our black dog shirts on the same day for the third time in a row. So Justin walks into math, and I'm rummaging in Smid's desk for a stapler, and we look up at each other. Slowly we shake our heads in disbelief, annoyance, and mild amusement. Then at the same moment we say, "No way."


Sunday, December 16, 2001
This isn't love
cuz if you don't wanna talk about it
then it isn't love
and I guess I'm gonna have to live without it

Well I'm sure there's something in a shade of grey
something in between
and I can always change my name
if that's what you need...

And your kindness falls like rain
it washes me away
and then you begin to change my mind
The seconds that I'm shaking
leave me shuddering for days
and I'm not ready for this sort of pain...

I'm alright today. My mood swings alarm me sometimes. *Sigh.*


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