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Monday, December 03, 2001
"Alligators, alligators, eat 'em up! eat 'em up!"

That's my mood today...wow.

I am on the way to getting a discussion link for my blog. Soon you will be able to post your lovely thoughts here on this page. Aren't you pleased and surprised?

Probably not.

Yesterday I saw Harry Potter for the third time. I can't get enough. Oh btw, here are my holiday music reccomendations. Check them out.

Bark The Herald Angels Sing-classic Christmas carols "sung" by barking dogs.
The Mannheim Steamroller (sp?) Christmas Album-which is delightful for tree decorating and hot chocolate.
Christmas In The Stars-A Star Wars Christmas album guaranteed to keep you laughing as Artoo-Detoo learns to sing and the toy shop droids debate what to get the Wookiee for Christmas (What can you get a Wookiee for Christmas when he already owns a comb?) If you can tolerate the disgustingly cute moral lesson everyone learns at the end about how giving is the greatest gift of all, even those who didn't really like the Star Wars movies will enjoy this CD.

We got our Christmas tree. Long needled and over six feet tall, it makes the season bright.

Can you tell I am feeling festive today?


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