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Friday, November 30, 2001
Sitting here with my donuts and orange juice, I am amazed at how easy it is to be happy once you decide to be.

Over the last two days, not much has changed in my life. The same people are still mad at me, the same people still offend me, my grades are the same, my parents are the same, etc.

But somehow, all that seems to matter less now. I can look at my donuts and orange juice and fully understand how lucky I am to be alive and relatively intelligent and have enough money to buy myself this great breakfast. It's like I've started to really appreciate what I have, and that feels great.

How can I feel bad about the things I don't have, when the things I do have are so amazing...so undeserved? I don't deserve great friends like I have, and I don't deserve to be so amazingly lucky. I actually feel blessed...I've never really been able to say that before.

It makes me want to do good things. It makes me want to be a better person, more deserving of my life. (Oh someone stop me, the fluffiness is revolting!) I haven't earned this, and I feel like I need to pay the universe back.

Maybe there is a God...

Thursday, November 29, 2001

I just realized that Maura and I took the same creative writing class in 1997. (That was a hell of a long time ago...) Maura still had the story collection from that class and she loaned it to me and it is FUN-NY! I always knew that girl looked familiar but it took me two years to figure it out. *Smacks forehead.*

Meanwhile, I am taunting Steve with hints about what his Christmas present is. Too bad I don't know what I'm getting him yet. Well, I sort of know. But not completely.

There is absolutely NOTHING I love more than Journalism class...let me rephrase that. There is absolutely no CLASS I love more than Journalism.

Jus10 is wearing his black dog shirt today, the cretin. (Note: Oh come on, you know I don't mean that) I thought it would be safe to wear mine today because he just wore his two days ago. Little did I know he has TWO of them! ARRRRRGH! So basically we looked more like siblings than ever. Jus10 says one of his little brass player people thought we were siblings, then AFTER Jus10 said we weren't related, the kid thought we were cousins. Odd, but amusing. :D

Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Hey again.

I'm very shaky right now. You know the feeling you get when you just miss getting in a terrible car wreck that might have killed you...that adrenaline rush of horror and relief that makes you shiver for the next five minutes?

No, I didn't almost get in a car wreck. I just realized that I've been living very dangerously for the last few weeks. I'm lucky, I guess. Lucky to be safe and healthy, and lucky to have such good friends. You know who you are. I love you guys.

On a somewhat lighter note, it's been brought to my attention that this isn't a blogger. I am a blogger. This page is a blog. "Well, shet mah mouth!"
Welcome to Kat Scratch! Inspired by Kellie and Cori, I have created my own blogger. Since the Koffeehouse is permanently closed, though, it's going to have to be hosted here. At this point I'm not sure if I have a comments thingy set up yet, so if I don't you can email me at wildk@mail.com

I am not going to be able to visit Cori when I was hoping to. Unfortunately, my mother has other plans for me. I will get up there ASAP though, as I am eager to see the new room and bring housewarming gifts (including a dishwashing wand :) ) Cori, I owe you a lot, you have no idea how much you have done for me.

Jus10's first wish has been granted. He has two wishes remaining. To learn more about the KatWish Foundation...ask me. Hehehehe! Speaking of Jus10, I sold him to Collin for $10. But Collin gave him back. :)

Props to Kellie for titling my play, "Always a Godfather, Never a God." You can read it if you want to, just ask.

Also a shout out to Steph, you are the best and you know why don't you!

Lots of love, peeps. Drop me a line.


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